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  • e-fresh.gr aims to cater customers with the least possible charges, offering the most competitive services in the market. Specifically:

    Deliveries within Attica

    • Minimum order amount: 25€
    • Orders between €25 and €55: €3 delivery charge
    • Orders between €55 and €100: €2 delivery charge
    • Orders exceeding €100: free delivery

    Deliveries within Attica, in remote areas (all available product codes are delivered, including all fresh food)

    • Minimum order: €130 - free delivery

    Only dry cargo is delivered to large rural cities.

    • Large cities: Minimum order: €55 - free delivery.
    • Hard to reach regions: minimum order: €55 – delivery charge €3

Check here whether your address falls into the hard to reach regions.

  • Say goodbye to the endless queues and carrying: e-fresh.gr brings the supermarket to your home. Deliveries of orders are made in the two hours you choose, even on the same day, through the specially equipped vehicles of e-fresh.gr that ensure that your products will be delivered fresh and in excellent condition.

    Click here to find the first available two-hour delivery.

    Deliveries within Attica:

    • Orders between €25 and €55: €3 delivery charge
    • Orders between €55 and €100: €2 delivery charge
    • Orders exceeding €100: free delivery
    • Deliveries: Monday to Saturday, between 7:00 and 23:00 and Sunday between 11:00 and 19:00

    Deliveries within Attica, to remote areas:

    • Aghia Marina, Lagonisi, Anavyssos, Lavrio: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, between 14:00 and 18:00
    • Porto Rafti, Markopoulo, Keratea: Tuesday, Thursday, between 15:00 and 19:00
    • Rafina, Nea Makri, Ntrafi, Kallitechnoupoli: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, between 10:00 and 13:00
    • Aspropyrgos, Elefsina, Mandra, Magoula: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, between 10:00 and 13:00
    • Minimum order: €130
    • Free delivery

    Deliveries to large rural cities:

    • Available products: ONLY dry goods, NO cooler or freezer products
    • Minimum order: €55
    • Free delivery
    • Delivery within 1-2 days
    • Our driver shall call you for the exact time of delivery
We deliver in most areas within the region of Attica. Enter your address here to see if your area is covered

    • You can order through our easy-to-use website and mobile app, available for all mobile devices.
    • We have over 15000 products available for you to choose, each one with a detailed description including ingredients and nutritional information.
    • Use our search tool or apply filters to track each category faster. Whether you're looking for organic or vegetarian options, items on offer, or just a specific diaper brand, you're only a few clicks away from finding exactly what you need.
    • Use our recipes and tips section to get inspired and find quick answers to your problems.
    • Not a big fan of ordering online? Call us at 211-9901000 and complete your order together with one of our customer support superstars.
  • We offer multiple payment methods so can choose the one you like.

    Cash: You can pay in cash or by credit or debit cards (Visa, Maestro, Mastercard) upon delivery (though our POS).

    Credit or debit cards:Pay securly on line with Visa, Maestro and Mastercard debit and credit cards. We use the NBG network to securely process your payment. At the moment, we do not accept American Express or Diners Club credit cards..

    Bank Deposit (direct and automatic transaction through the PayByBank transaction):
    You can pay your transaction via a bank account to any Bank. Payment is made via the PayByBank service.
    After the successful deposit, you do not need to send us your transaction receipt.

    PayPal: Pay with PayPal. There is an additional charge for paypal payments of 0.25c per order

    B2B customers: For any questions regarding b2b orders and invoicing please contact b2b@e-fresh.gr or 211-9901000.
    Find out more on our secure payments policy at Privacy policy.
  • All products sold at e-fresh.gr are subject to our quality control policy. IF you are not happy with your purchase, please contact our customer service team at 211-9901000

    We would like to inform you that you have the right to return any item within 14 days for the day of purchase,as long as the product remains intact. Food , drinks and products for intented for immidiate consumption can only be returned at the time of your delivery.
    All products under “clothing” category are eligible to return only if they are intact and in their original packaging

    There is a 3 euro charge if you wish e-fresh.gr to internally manage the pick up and delivery of your return. Alternatively please arrange for the items you wish to return to be delivered to the following address via post. 30th Gardenias str., 13672 Athens – Greece.

    Find out more at FAQ.
e-fresh.gr is a new electronic supermarket. Being true to its name, in e-fresh.gr you shall find more than 10,000 products, including fresh groceries, such as fresh milk, fruits, and vegetables, organic meat, and even fresh fish! Our range of products covers all standard food categories and drinks, along with cleaning products, personal care, and baby care items, pet shop items, and household products. We deliver at your doorstep, using a specialized fleet of vehicles to carry your groceries and other products, at the day and time that fits your programme. In e-fresh.gr, we strive to offer fresh, useful, and quality products to our customers, along with a carefree and easy buying experience.
By shopping online from e-fresh.gr, you can avoid the hassle of having to visit a physical store. You don’t have to move or spend your time at aisles or registries of a standard store. You don’t have to wait in queues, or carry those heavy bags. e-fresh.gr has an amazing range of products, capable of covering all your household needs. Feel free to browse our pages, check our products and special offerings, get inspired from our recipes, and buy instantly all the necessary materials to make them happen. All these, through an easy and user-friendly interface, with flexible payment methods, and with swift delivery all over Attica, at the day and time that fits your schedule.
Our procedure is simple: Start by registering at e-fresh.gr (or logging in if you are already registered), to set up your profile so you can place an order. Then, pick the day and time of your convenience and we will deliver. You are ready! You may now browse our pages and add the products of interest in your shopping cart.
You may opt to pay for the order by any of the following methods: in cash upon delivery, or by using a Visa, MasterCard or Maestro debit/credit card. What’s more, you may pay for your order by using PayPal or through a direct money order. Just choose the method of your preference.
The easiest way is to fill in the contact form and let us know about your concern. Also, feel free to call us, at 211-9901000.
Orders are delivered Monday to Friday between 8:30 and 23:00, and Saturday between 9:00 and 20:00.When starting your order, you will be asked to pick the day and a two-hour slot for delivery. No deliveries are made during Sundays and official holidays.
Give us a call as at 211-9901000 and we will be happy to assist you.
You bet! Same-day deliveries are possible, provided the slot you prefer is available. For your convenience, book the day and time of delivery at the beginning of your order, so it is more possible for your preferred slot to be available.
We update e-fresh.gr every day with dozens of offers, handpicked specially for you. The easiest way to check our offers is by clicking on the yellow tab 'Offers' from our home menu, located at the upper section of your screen. There, you will find offers gathered from all product categories. In addition, choose a specific category from the menu and use the filters shown at the left side of the screen to view just the offers.
Give us a call at 211-9901000 so we can inform you about the changes possible in your order.
The minimum limit required for an order to be served is 25 euros. Usually, an average order at e-fresh.gr exceeds this amount, since our customers take advantage of having the products delivered at home, hence they opt to make single purchases covering the entire week or month, which frequently exceed 25 euros.
e-fresh.gr aims to cater customers with the least possible charges, offering the most competitive delivery charges in the market.
  • The minimum limit for placing an order is €25.
  • Between €25.01 and €55, the delivery charges are €3.
  • Between €55.01 and €100, the delivery charges are €2.
  • From €100.01 and above, we delivery your shopping for free.
Pick the time slot of your convenience and we will take care of everything to ensure the quick delivery of your purchases, even on the same day! The products always arrive fresh and in excellent condition, thanks to the specialised vehicles of e-fresh.gr and our impeccably trained people.
You bet! When placing your online order, choose as the Payment Method the option 'cash on delivery' and make sure you have the proper amount to pay directly in cash our driver delivering your shopping. Check Payment methods for all the payment methods available for your order.
e-fresh.gr accepts all Visa, MasterCard and Maestro credit cards. What’s more, there are alternative methods of payment, such as paying in cash upon delivery or through PayPal.
Editing your personal details has never been easier. After logging in using your email address and password, visit your account page. There, you will find all necessary details and personal details grouped together, such as your orders, the delivery addresses, the log-in details, etc. Click on the respective link to view and edit the details.
You may easily access any recipes saved, along your respective tips or remarks, from your Account After logging in your account, select the respective link under 'My Notes'.
From the log-in page, click on I forgot my password. Follow the instructions provided and you will be able to recover your account and set a new password within minutes.
Usually, when visiting a supermarket, there are products we buy again and again. These are the products we cherish and are an integral part of our weekly shopping cart. For your convenience, you may add a product in the section of your favourite products, by clicking on the cute little heart located at the upper right section of the product, or by clicking on 'add to favourites'. Doing this shall generate a special section with Favourite products in your account page, allowing you to pick them quickly the next time you are looking for them. Many of our customers choose to begin shopping from the Favourite products section, since they feel that this will help them finish with shopping faster. Log in your account and click on My Favourites to view and add them in your new shopping cart.
A list is an easy way to group together products you purchase regularly or for a specific purpose. The creation of a weekly shopping list is also a great idea, to help you make your regular purchases quickly. Setup lists for your favourite meal or dessert, so you have swift access to the ingredients required (e.g. a 'birthday cake' or a 'tiramisu cake' list, containing their ingredients). You may also create shopping lists based on coming events, such as 'birthday party for Lisa' or 'dinner for eight', etc. Finally, organise your lists based on special household needs, such as 'baby food' or 'shopping for mum and dad'. Take advantage of the lists to organize your shopping and save on precious time. It’s up to you to choose how you will take advantage of them.
Sure! e-fresh customers have direct access to their past orders, as well as to the receipt or invoice issued for each order. To visit the relevant section, log in your account and click on Past Orders. This will allow you view the date, the products, and the cost of each past order, along with its progress. You may also add the products of a prior order in a new one, by clicking on 'Purchase'. The products of the previous order shall be added in your shopping cart, where you may check and edit them.
How many times have you seen a mouth-watering recipe without though having the option of directly purchasing its ingredients? In e-fresh.gr, you may easily and quickly purchase the ingredients of your favourite recipe without wasting time. Just click on 'add to shopping cart' and a new window shall open, filled with affordable suggestions, so you can choose everything you need. For your convenience, we have separated the ingredients in products that are necessary for the recipe and in products that you may already have in your kitchen, such as olive oil, salt, and spices. You only have to pick what’s missing from your kitchen. Your selections shall be immediately added to your shopping cart.
Absolutely! Just move the cursor above the image of the product in the shopping cart area. A + and – signs menu will appear, from which you may easily increase or decrease the quantities of the product, or remove it completely by clicking on X.
All the products at our site are immediately available for purchase. If you can't find a product you usually buy, please inform us through the contact form so we can obtain it for your next purchase.
Try selecting from our home menu the category of the product: for instance, if you are looking for organic milk of a specific brand, click on Groceries > Dairy. Then, the menu and the special filters shall help you locate quickly the product of interest: Click on Milk > Fresh milk and then apply the 'Organic' filter or click on the brand name of the product. Otherwise, try to enter the title of the product in the search engine of the site located at the upper section of your screen.

Even if you still haven't found what you are looking for, don’t hesitate contacting us through the contact form, and we shall contact you promptly.
Our company is adamant on the quality of the products marketed and has invested heavily on its infrastructure and its impeccably trained personnel, so you can receive your products in excellent condition. However, if you received a product you believe is defective, please contact customer support immediately. The event shall be registered without delay and e-fresh.gr shall contact the producer / manufacturer to find the reason behind the defective product and proceed with an immediate replacement.
Check out our Facebook page where you can learn more about us, our offers and competitions, while also checking our recipes and tips. You can also find us at Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Feel free to access any of our pages, to stay always up to date with our latest news.
It is very important for us to receive your feedback on the products you purchase. For each product, recipe, and tip, you have the option of rating them, by leaving a remark or rating the product in a scale of one to five stars. By sharing your experience with us, you provide invaluable help to other users to understand the use and value of each product, so we can all buy products that are useful for us.
e-fresh.gr is exclusively an e-store, opting against a physical presence. All our operations are performed using the latest e-commerce platforms and we aim serving customers, in terms of procurement, forwarding, and delivering their products, as the most sophisticated and comprehensive e-supermarket.
Our customers may contact us directly by calling our call centre, at 211-9901000. There are no extra charges for calling our call centre and the call is considered as a call made by a fixed line. Therefore, your charge shall depend on your telephony provider and your plan (if you have unlimited free calls to fixed lines, this call is made for free).
Our call centre is available Monday to Friday, between 08:30 and 20:30 and at Saturdays, between 09:00 and 19:00.
If you are not interested to receive our newsletters containing our offers or other news of e-fresh.gr, you may opt out from our list of recipients by clicking here. Should you wish to re-register in our newsletter, fill in your email address at the relevant field located at the lower section of e-fresh.gr.
The receipts of your orders are saved in your account, where you may have direct access to them whenever you wish. Should you require an additional copy of your receipt, you may easily print one, after logging in and accessing your account, from the Past Orders section. You may view the documentation of your exchange (receipt or invoice) by clicking on the respective icon beneath 'Documentations' column.
No problem! We can send your receipt through email upon request. Bear in mind though that all your receipts are saved in your account page and are accessible whenever you want them.
e-fresh.gr serves both private parties and customers. If you are interested in becoming a corporate customer of e-fresh.gr, fill in the special B2B membership form and a representative from the B2B department shall contact you shortly to inform you on the next steps.
Customer remarks are always welcomed. The easiest way to share your experience is through the contact form. The information submitted shall be forwarded to the relevant department, so you can receive a reply to your request without delay. Alternatively, you may contact us by calling at 211-9901000. Our specialized train shall be glad to be of service.
No. The absence of a photo for a product is temporary and does not mean that the product is not available. Look for the relevant information about the product through its description, its ingredients, and its nutrition facts. Soon, the photo shall be restored so you can have a more complete presentation of the product.
Our site has more than 10,000 products, covering all categories of a standard supermarket. Our aim is to provide sufficient variety to cater for the needs of different consumers, without consumers having to compromise with their purchasing decisions. Specifically, we have a fully-stocked drinks department, a large variety in dairy products, meats, deli meats, fresh fish, fruits and vegetables, detergents and cosmetics, baby care products, pet food, and everything else you would come across in a standard supermarket.
We understand the need of consumers to have access to products that refer to specific diets; to this end, we have created special filters to group these products. For example, in the left column of the site, you will find filters that will help you locate products without lactose, gluten, suitable for fasting, organic, for vegetarians, etc. By applying these filters, you will see only the relevant products (for instance, products without lactose), to help you make your shopping easier.
In our site, you will find the list of your favourite products and the history of your purchases for as long as you are a registered user of our site. While you are registered, the list of your favourite products can be deleted solely by you, by accessing My Lists.
Certainly. The warranty of home appliances depends on the manufacturer of the product. Locate the relevant information in the product page. The warranty certificates shall be delivered together with the product.
You may fill in the special contact form, or call us at 211-9901000 to inform us about this incident. e-fresh shall take steps to replace the product with an identical one, containing the appropriate number of pieces.
We bear a complete range of supermarket products, such as meat, chicken, vegetables, etc. but all our products are packaged, following strict quality control products.
You bet! All our products meet strict quality control specifications, in order to be collected, preserved, and delivered fresh to your table.
e-fresh.gr is heavily committed to the quality and safety of our products. Apart from the strict specifications met by our suppliers, products are checked upon delivery by the quality control department. Only upon approval are products placed in a suitably storage area, with specific temperatures, to help keep them fresh until they are delivered at your doorstep.
Products are delivered only by personnel trained on food safety and hygiene issues, while using specialised refrigerated trucks. Our vehicles have different cooler and deep freeze compartments to ensure that all products – from fresh milk to groceries or ice-cream – are kept fresh till their delivery.
After placing your order and it is verified, the team in e-fresh.gr shall begin gathering your products from our warehouse. Then, the items are packaged per type and at the final stage, our driver shall load the bags in his vehicle, so he can deliver everything you have selected fresh and in excellent condition. All personnel processing food have obtained the health certificate required by the law and have been specifically trained on food health and safety.
In e-fresh.gr, you will find complete information, descriptions, and photos about all products, as well as about the origin and nutritional facts, where available. To make things simpler, use the special search filters to find products for special diets, lactose / gluten free, vegetarian, etc.
e-fresh.gr works together with hundreds of Greek and international suppliers, from the smallest Greek producers to large multinational companies. You will find information about the origin of each product in the relevant product page.
Our products are received at an early age, so they have a long lifespan ahead of them, from the moment delivered to our customers until the consumption thereof. A product must be consumed within its lifecycle and certainly prior to its expiration date. Please consult the instructions for use and preservation noted on the product packaging.
In the rare occasion you believe that a product has been spoiled, refrain from consuming it and contact customer support of e-fresh.gr. Our company, apart from replacing the product, shall investigate the reasons behind its deterioration and inform you about its findings. You may always check the products upon the delivery of your order; if you are unsatisfied by any of them, you may return it to our driver, provided it is still in its initial packaging.
Our company is located in Athens, having its registered offices in Menidi of Attica.
All the evaluations are from registered customers that either have ordered or used the product
All the evaluations are registered in company’s systems and are published if are in accordance with the terms of use of the company
In order the evaluation to be valid and in accordance with the company’s terms of use, it should
  • Describe the experience of using the product by indicating either positive or negative comments
  • The text of the evaluation should be your personal creation and not a copy
  • The evaluation should not be an advertisement and not include a link or any other reference that directs directly or indirectly the users of the page to any store (regardless of whether it is a partner store or not)
  • Do not contain a reference to another user or to a product evaluation by another user
  • Do not contain indecent or ironic expressions and characterizations.
The administrators of the e-fresh.gr reserve the right, at their sole discretion, to choose how product reviews are displayed (partially or totally), either to delete the reviews, or to delete part of the text, informing the author of any amendments where necessary or to contact their authors to inform them that a change of the text is required for their publication, indicating the parts of the text at issue and the reason for replacement.