About us

e-fresh.gr is the largest and most comprehensive online supermarket serving Attica.

The creation of an online supermarket rose from the need of modern consumers for quick, hassle-free, and secure purchases of groceries and necessities for their household.

e-fresh.gr was established to offer an innovative and user friendly website, matched with an innovative solution for storing and delivering purchases at the customer, thus offering an integrated e-retailing service.


Our customers can:

    • cover their needs in groceries (including fresh milk), electric appliances, baby care products, alcoholic beverages, and everything else that comes with a household
    • pick among the most well-known brands, while keeping an eye for special products coming from small producers and organic products
    • easily search for and discover products that are ideal for vegans, for having a party, a barbeque gathering, or discover whole grain products, to name but a few;
    • gather all offers available and save more
    • place their order at their own time, at any hour of the day, any day of the week
    • pick the day, time, and site where they want their shopping delivered
    • make secure payments, using a payment method that suits them
    • save time, since they can now skip the tiresome and expensive trip to the supermarket.


Our site has been filled with ideas and recipes that inform on the use of the various products and can answer to all your needs.

The customer loyalty programme of e-fresh.gr allows customers to gather points and redeem them with vouchers.

e-fresh.gr was created by persons experienced in retailing, supply chains, and new technologies, with the purpose of offering an integrated and reliable solution to the consumers of Athens.


Our vision is to bring the supermarket at your doorstep!

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Διεύθυνση: Γαρδένιας 30 Αχαρνές, 13672
Email: ask@e-fresh.gr

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