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Each time you earn 200 credits, you earn a 7 euro voucher that you can redeem on your next purchase, reducing the cost of your order.

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Shaver, rechargeable, Remigton

Shaver, rechargeable, Remigton

Advanced dual blades of steel. Flex technology: flexible mesh that adapts to facial contours. ComfortTrim - Koptaki (pop-up trimmer) with rounded corners for detailed trim mustache, beard and sideburns. LED light. cover. Ergonomic design. Global trend. Dimensions: 235x160x90 mm. Rechargeable and mains, with the possibility of use with or without cable. Up to 40 minutes usage time.

Πόντοι που απαιτούνται : 600+3 €
Curling Iron, Babyliss

Curling Iron, Babyliss

Large diameter 32mm For loose curls or wavy hair Temperature 180 ° C Ideal temperature for curls that last Suitable for all hair types Secure mounting workbench Cool terminus swivel cord On / Off Switch

Πόντοι που απαιτούνται : 600+3 €
Portable Soother and Nipple Steriliser, Miniland

Portable Soother and Nipple Steriliser, Miniland

Total sterilization time: 7 minutes. Lightweight, small size: Weight 13,4Gr. Inside the sterilizer or directly to the neck of the bottle: The pacifiers and nipples can be sterilized inside the cavity of the sterilizer. Moreover, the teats can be sterilized using for sterilizer road tapping directly on the bottle neck. Child safety lock.

Πόντοι που απαιτούνται : 400+0.01 €