If you belong to a high risk group, we will serve you first. Priority for service is the electronic submission of documents certifying the health problem (invalidity card, document from a public hospital etc.) at ask@e-fresh.gr


14.05.2020 – Back to normalcy, always safe.

Thank you for your understanding and trust in the services of e-fresh.gr in recent weeks in the demanding conditions of the pandemic.
E-fresh.gr has now returned to normal service levels. This means that orders for orders are now immediate and product shortages on orders, if any, have been minimized.

For security reasons, our staff will continue to use personal protective measures such as disposable gloves and masks both when preparing your order and when delivering it.

Thanks again for the warm support you showed to e-fresh.gr during the difficult weeks that preceded. Your trust honors us and inspires us to become even better.


Due to the extraordinary circumstances, we've put together some basic guidelines for managing your online orders more smoothly.

Q. Can I add products to an order I have already placed?
A. Yes is allowed up to 5 days before the delivery date of your order : for example if your order will be delivered on 20/4 you can add or remove products until 14/04. You will need to send us electronically the product codes you want to add as well as the quantity for each code in ask@e-fresh.gr with “Add Codes” and your order number. The product code is under the product title and is in the format 4XXXXXXXX. Adding products to an existing order is allowed once (one email per order) for the smoothest serving of all.

Q. I have submitted and awaiting my order. In the previous orders section, some products appear to be unavailable. Will I receive them? A. The products you have placed on your order have been reserved for you and will be delivered to you normally if available to our suppliers. The previous orders section refers to the current availability of codes if you repeat your order in the future.

Q. I received my order but there was no product available. I had paid by card, how would I get the value of the product back? A. If you do not receive a prepaid product, the value of the product is automatically refunded to you in the form you used to make the payment (eg credit card, Paypal). The average refund time is 48 hours.

Q. How do I cancel an order I made? Α. With an email at ask@e-fresh.gr. Enter your order code in the title with the order canceling

Are you a new customer? Visit the section Frequent questions.


Taking into account the growing concern about the growing outbreak of coronavirus, e-fresh.gr has decided to take additional precautionary measures for the company's employees. All employees at e-fresh.gr are healthy, have been informed about the personal hygiene measures required by current conditions and have immediate access to appropriate disposable material to prevent infections. We'd like you to know:

  1. From 11/03/2020 in addition to personal hygiene measures e-fresh.gr guides will deliver your shopping by wearing a special protective mask and disposable gloves.
  2. All our vehicles are fitted with a special disinfectant. Our guides have been instructed to use the disinfectant after each order delivery regardless of the use of gloves.
  3. At the same time we have proactively enhanced the disinfection program in all product storage areas and workplaces.
      Our operation continues smoothly and with sufficient commodities. However, due to the increased demand of the days, the first delivery time available may be slower than expected.


Please for your cooperation and understanding in these difficult circumstances. Our goal is both to protect our employees and to provide our service seamlessly with high quality and safety criteria.